Find in yourself a grateful heart and express gratitude for any and all aspects of nature and life. Begin every episode with thanksgiving and give nods of thanks as you go about your day.
– Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature, p. 73

Our society and our culture is obsessed with the idea of wanting more …  of needing more.

Fairy Doors in the Forest

The children have made their own fairy doors in the same way as I showed here. They have been anticipating the completion of the doors for a few weeks now. One of the older students described them as “epic.” So, I’m happy to say my plan to insert a little more magic into their lives has been accomplished.
First, the children drew a plan for their fairy door on paper.

DIY: Fairy Door

I have thought about making fairy doors with the children for quite some time now … and the time is finally here!
I have been preparing the children for over a year, often referring to our forest as “magical.