Dear Parents & Guardians

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am sorry that it was suddenly “maybe” the last day of school and I am sorry that I didn’t get a chance to say a proper goodbye to your child, my students.

Please let me take the time now to tell you about our year together, about how much we have learned side by side, about how much laughter we have shared, and about how much joy we have experienced learning together as a community.

I am so very proud of each and everyone of your children. I am so impressed with their growth this year, more than any class I have ever had. Each child has learned to push themselves just beyond their comfort zone, to find that sweet spot and roll with it. They have learned to persevere through the tough stuff and that shedding tears of sadness or frustration is OK because we’ll support them through it. They have learned to fight to stay positive, to show gratitude for the small things and the big things. They have learned to use self-control, not because I asked it of them, but because they learned the importance of determination and hard work. They have learned that laughter can take away pain, that it lightens a room, that it brings a community together and that their teacher this year had a really loud laugh. Most of all, every child has learned that every individual is unique, that everyone is worthy of and deserves love, and that they have the power to give this love.

I am extremely proud of the academic achievement of each of your children. Every child has shown amazing growth as a result of their learned hard work, determination, and perseverance.

For me, being a member of this community of children was the greatest gift to my career. I wasn’t initially going to be placed at this particular school and I wasn’t initially going to be teaching this particular grade. But it just so happened that I did. I believe strongly that certain experiences are meant to happen so that we can learn something greater from them and that these experiences enrich our understandings and make us better people. So, ultimately, I have to thank you for providing me with the opportunity to teach your child, for letting me be a part of your child’s history and for giving me the opportunity to learn from your child.

Thank YOU.


Ms. Tremayne

I leave you with some of my most favourite pictures of this year … you can just feel their joy through the images, can’t you?


cherry blossoms17

cherry blossoms15

cherry blossoms08x


  • Angela, I am so happy Marten got to spend a school year with you. He will remember you vividly forever, I know it! Thank-you so much, really.

    I hope that your next adventure is just as, if not more valuable for you.
    Some community will be very lucky to have you.

    All the very best,


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