DIY: Fairy Door

I have thought about making fairy doors with the children for quite some time now … and the time is finally here!

I have been preparing the children for over a year, often referring to our forest as “magical.” 

Something happens as children age. They stop believing in the mystical, magical, wonderful things that came so easily to them  as young children. I think that Peter Pan sums this idea up quite nicely. As children grow up I find that they tend to become less willing to believe (or make believe, if you will) in magical things.

Sometimes when we are in the forest I will ask them suddenly “did you see that? hear that? listen …” or “can’t you see them?!” Many of the children join in my play, but sometimes I am met with doubtful looks and statements of disagreement. I wonder what Peter Pan would say?

Now, onto my quest of injecting a little more magical fairy dust into the lives of the children…


1. 1/2″ slab(s) of wood

2. A method of cutting the wood (I asked my very kind janitor/bus driver to cut them out for me. I simply drew out the shapes in the exact size that I wanted and he went to work).

3. A set of small brushes (e.g. 1/4 ” flat, 1/8″ flat, script liners…)

4. Acrylic paint

5. A weather proof & transparent finish

6. A large, 2″ or 3″, flat brush for applying the finish

7. A white pencil crayon


1. Choose your door


2. Draw your plan onto the door with a white pencil crayon

3. Paint away!

The children have drawn plans for their doors and created watercolour images of their imagined fairy doors completely installed. After Spring Break we will begin the detailed work of painting the fairy doors. And finally, we will install them, stand back, admire our hard work, and imagine fairies flitting about.


  • check out the fairy houses of Artists sally Smith. Inspiring! For those of us about to embark on setting up a Forest school in Nova scotia, this site is great. Thanks


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