Gratitude in Transformations

The organized, joyful chaos that is the first week of school is soon to begin in British Columbia – finally. There is so much to be grateful for. Sometimes I get so wrapped up with my job passion in life that I forget to stop, breathe, find peace, be grateful … what’s that saying? Oh ya, “stop and smell the roses.” I have always found that saying so cliche that I have never given it much value. But I have been wrong in doing so. Stop. Breathe. Be grateful.

This past week I was blessed to attend “Passages and Transformations”, an art exhibition by Quadra Island artist, John Schevers. I’m not really as posh as this sounds, don’t get any ideas. My take away was: embrace change, let it happen naturally & within its own time. John invited us to engage in his exhibit by writing down a wish. This wish would be forever guarded in wax and become part of the exhibit. I didn’t want to overthink my “wish,” so I hastily picked up the pencil and wrote with fervor.

I wish to be more understanding. I want to appreciate everyone wholly and learn to better understand their behaviours and words from their point of view. I wish to be at peace with everyone around me.

Photo courtesy of John Schevers (
Photo courtesy of John Schevers (

This is my wish. A transformation that I have been experiencing for many years, one that I am now able to put into words, and one that I am now fully embracing. I must let it happen naturally. I must not push it. I must be patient with myself. This wish of mine will forever be encompassed in wax and I will forever remember this feeling of gratitude to John for sharing his message with us and for allowing me to share mine. We are all on a journey. We may not understand the journey’s of others, but we must remember to appreciate and respect them. I am learning this still and I may still be learning this when I am old and gray. I am at peace with this.

I incorporate gratitude into my teachings in early primary education. I believe it is so important for everyone at every age to stop, breathe, and be grateful. It can take a child or an adult from a moment of frenzy or anxiety to a place of peace. I say this like I can do this so well, but believe me when I say that I am still learning. I think that’s what makes teaching so wonderful – we get to learn and experience things together. I am growing and learning with my students. I am not a teacher; rather, I am learner alongside my students.



  • Hi Angela, Not sure how to get a hold of you now? Hope you are well.
    Laura (CITE)


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