How to Be Kind to Mother Nature: a Kindergarten Perspective.

Kindergarten child (K.C.): “Johnny is hurting Mother Nature!”

Me: “Johnny is hurting Mother Nature?”

K.C.: “He’s digging holes into the dirt!!!! He’s hurting Mother Nature.”

Me: “Oh, did you tell him what you think?”

K.C.: wanders off to tell Johnny what she thinks.

Johnny and K.C. come back to me.

Johnny: “K.C. says I’m hurting Mother Nature and I’m not, I’m just digging holes in the ground.”

K.C. (very gently and concerned): “You’re hurting Mother Nature. Mother Nature made the dirt and you’re moving it.”

Johnny: “I’m just having fun and digging.”

K.C.: “Mother Nature made the dirt. You are supposed to have fun and play on top of it without digging.”

Johnny: “I think I can dig it.”

Johnny meanders off to find something else to occupy himself.

K.C. looks at me and says, “I guess I can dig.”

She digs an extremely small hole only big enough for the end of a very small stick. She then puts the stick inside of the hole.


K.C. beings to find broken fern branches and leaves and places them into tiny holes she has made for them. Then, she carefully replaces the dirt she removed from the ground.

K.C. to me: “Look, I’m helping Mother Nature. I put this back.”

K.C. does this with several other pieces of misplaced greenery.

Johnny wanders back: “It’s not going to grow. It doesn’t have roots and it isn’t going to grow any.”

Regardless, K.C. continues to lovingly plant her greenery.

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