Play & Self-Regulation

Self-regulation, a buzz word in education, has received a lot of attention as educators notice the increasing inability for students to regulate their emotions in a variety of situations.

Powerful Children

 People who have developed a sense of personal power, whose feelings of can-do are strong and highly developed, have little need to acquire power trappings for reassurance.


I have a confession: since January we have gone outside to our forest play area only twice. As a young teacher (or, maybe just as me) I am greatly affected by negative comments that I may receive.  I don’t like confrontation and if it must be done I prefer time to ponder my thoughts so that I can articulate myself.

Precious Learning Moments

I had planned to try to write posts that were chronological in order, but this goes against the very core of my being. So, I will dash around all over the place as my little heart desires.